When you’re looking for a Houston TX bus shuttle, you should contact ABBA Limousine Service. Since 1999, we have been picking up and dropping off Houstonians to a wide variety of locations. Our luxury charter buses are great for group travel! We’re more than a transportation service; we’re the premier choice for luxury bus transportation.

Our charter bus rentals are a great way to transport you and your guests for a wide variety of events. For example, company functions, family reunions, bachelor, and bachelorette parties are a lot more fun with a luxury shuttle bus from ABBA Limousine Service.

Don’t wait any longer! If you think a luxury bus service is not for you, then think again. We have competitive prices that blow the competition out of the water. Additionally, our vehicles are clean, have amenities, and courteous bus drivers who drive safely and punctually.

Please call us at (713)-532-4170 to get the best group transportation service in the city of Houston. Searching for Houston TX bus shuttle services has never been easier.

Houston TX bus shuttle
If you’re looking for Houston TX bus shuttle, then ABBA Limousine Service can help you!

The Benefits Of Getting A Shuttle Bus For Your Business In Houston

There are many reasons to give ABBA Limousine Service a call and ask about our services. Let’s face it; driving around downtown Houston is not always easy. Moreover, if you’re driving with a large group of people, not only is transporting a lot of people at once challenging, it can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, as the best shuttle bus service in Houston, we can help. By giving us a call, you’re taking the right steps to save time navigating Houston’s traffic-heavy roads. One significant advantage of using our service is the ease of transportation and scheduling.

When coordinating an event, it is preferable if everyone arrives together. Especially if the event you are planning is a work function for your company, not only will you arrive on time, but you can leave as a group which is a lot more convenient. Besides that, it’s not always fair to make your employees drive somewhere in their own vehicles.

Many people do not want to put extra miles on their cars or spend additional money on gas if they don’t need to. Because of this, you should contact us and ask about our coach bus and shuttle bus options. Your employees will greatly appreciate the effort you put in to transport them without having them use their car. As a result, you help cultivate a positive work environment.

Lastly, you help your employees save money on gas. If you plan a company function that is far away, the last thing you want is for your team members to spend more money. Having us drive you and your company around is the best way to keep your business happy.

When you search for the best shuttle bus in Houston, you’ll find that we are the go-to option!

Houston TX bus shuttle
Our luxury shuttle buses are comfortable and come full of amenities.

Houston TX Bus Shuttle Services For Airports, Birthdays, And More!

ABBA Limousine Service is not only great for company functions, but for getting to the airport as well! We have a wide variety of vehicles in our fleet for all your luxury transportation needs. One of the ways we help you get around is by driving you to the airport!

If you have visitors from another city, state, or country, then keep reading. Our chauffeurs have a lot of experience taking your friends, family, and business associates to the airport. The airports in Houston are quite large. As a result, many people do not want to deal with trying to navigate, finding their gate on the day of travel.

Not only will our courteous drivers take you to your gate, but they will also assist you with your luggage! We do not charge extra for bag handling. Many other shuttle bus companies will charge you for this additional assistance. However, we stand out from the competition by giving you this service for free!

Furthermore, our chauffeurs will drive you to your terminal quickly but safely. We always consider your time, and because of this, we always strive to be punctual with our arrival. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to go to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport or the Hobby Airport. You will always make your departure time.

It also goes without saying that we pick up your guests from the airport with the same attention level as if we were dropping them off. Our drivers can even bring a sign to let your party know that their luxury shuttle bus has arrived. Our buses are always clean and have many amenities to keep your guests happy.

Many people don’t imagine airport shuttle buses to be fun, but we give you a transportation experience, unlike anything before. Searching for a Houston TX bus shuttle has never been easier.

Houston TX bus shuttle
We have been providing luxury transportation services since 1999!

Contact ABBA Limousine Service Today!

You can always count on us to give you a driving experience you won’t get anywhere else. While driving isn’t an excessively difficult thing to do, it is still easier to get around when you have a professional service, such as ourselves, to do it for you. Our spectacular shuttle buses make traveling very comfortable for all your guests.

You should consider us if you and your guests are traveling far away to another city. The main reason for this is safety. If you and your guests travel individually by car or even carpooling, the chance for an accident increases significantly. Having us drive you to your destination is a great way to get everyone to arrive together safely.

Furthermore, we have buses that can hold a variety of people. Whether you’re trying to transport ten people or fifty-four people, we always have a vehicle for you. However, it’s important to give us a call in advance so we can reserve your bus for an affordable quote.

You can always reach our team of professionals at (713)-532-4170. Or you can also visit our convenient Houston location. ABBA Limousine Service is great for getting everyone to their destination safely, together, and for a low cost. When you want the best Houston TX bus shuttle services around, give us a call!

Fun Facts About Houston, TX

  • Houston is 655 square miles and can fit Miami, San Francisco, New York, and Minneapolis inside of it.
  • With over 10,000 restaurants in the greater Houston area, you can always find a good meal here.
  • The Houston Rockets won the NBA championship back to back in 1994 and 1995. To learn more exciting facts, please visit their official website!