If you are in search of the best Houston Texas transportation services near me, visit ABBA Limos. When you require any type of limo service, you need a company you can count on. By trusting ABBA Corporate Transportation and Houston Limousine Service, you do yourself a favor. You receive both the best limousines and the most experienced chauffeurs.

Houston Texas Transportation Services Near Me

Find the most excellent limousine customer service at ABBA Limos. We ensure that you will find precisely what you need. No matter the event, rest assured we have a transportation type for it. We have the best Houston Texas transportation services near me and for a good reason!

Houston Texas Transportation Services Near Me
Houston Texas Transportation Services Near Me

ABBA Limos Has What You Need In Transportation

For the best limousine services in the Houston area, visit us soon. Our programs and services include everything from wedding services to airport pick-ups, and much more.

Houston Wedding Limo

As stated, there are several transportation services that ABBA Limos is responsible for. We offer the most so that people stay choosing us for all their limousine and vehicle transportation. One of the many limo services we provide is our Houston Wedding Limo. With this option, we can help add luxury to your wedding day and achieve the wedding of your dreams.

However, if you are planning on hiring our Wedding Limo, you must do so with time. That way, you can find precisely what you desire. We do offer both limousines for larger group parties and more intimate ones for just you and your partner. In the end, the ultimate decision is yours, and we will help make this a day to remember.

With that being said, rest assured our chauffeurs will be professional and will take charge to ensure you enjoy your day. Knowing the significance of a wedding, we do offer exceptional amenities such as wine bars and a fridge. There, you and your friends can indulge in some wine and stay entertained during the ride.

Obtain Luxury and Comfort On Your Wedding Day

Regardless of the limo you choose, you can expect the most elegant and comfortable vehicle. Also, you can choose from our various limousine colors to ensure that it matches the overall theme of your wedding. Make a limousine reservation today by visiting us online or calling our offices. With us, achieving your dream wedding is possible!

Houston Texas Transportation Services Near Me
Build stronger relationships by requesting our services!

Houston Limo Anniversaries

Another event that requires proper celebration is your work triumph. Business anniversaries are times where you get to look at your achievements an the progress you have made over the years. Therefore, you will not find a better way to celebrate than with our Houston Limo Anniversaries.

It does not matter if your management team wants to celebrate at the beach or a top-class hotel, make sure that you arrive in style. Not only do our limousines give you more elegance, but they also enhance the look of your company. In other words, people will view your team as a strong and successful entity that is ready to achieve more. As a result, you will gain clients and get to know your staff better in the process.

Strengthening Your Business

Similar to how our Houston Limo Anniversaries can gain you, clients, you can also gain a better relationship with your staff. In doing so, you will get to hear more about the innovation and creativity that they have to offer. This will not only create a more positive work environment but also encourage openness within the business.

With such benefits, you can see why it is convenient to hire our services. Houston Limo Anniversaries will let you wind down with the staff, but also get close with them and potentially gain the attention of people.

Houston Luxury Party Bus

Other larger events such as school function and corporate retreats can benefit from our Houston Luxury Party Bus. With such a vehicle option, you will enjoy fun way before reaching your desired destination. Party buses offer great places for more than 30 passengers to have fun. You and several family members and friends can travel in our party bus comfortably and affordably.

As mentioned, this is an excellent option for transporting children during field trips and other events. Our several flat-screen TVs allow kids to stay entertained throughout the ride and can let you be stress-free. Better yet, there is no need to worry about traveling in multiple vehicles.

Houston Texas Transportation Services Near Me
No matter the size of the group, our vehicles can fit the most people possible.

Houston Shuttle Bus Rental

When looking for safe and comfortable transportation, count on our Houston Shuttle Bus Rental to get the job done. With this great option, you will be able to travel between convention centers, airports, hotels, and more. Also, we offer three different shuttle bus options, which are: our executive shuttle bus 24 passengers, sprinter executive shuttle, and the 40 passengers executive shuttle business.

Executive Shuttle Bus 22 Passengers

Our Executive Shuttle is a great option when looking to seat 24 passengers comfortably. You can expect to enjoy the comfort of our leather seats and our large tinted windows. More so, our overhead storage space allows you to maintain all your belongings safely.

Commonly, we recommend this choice for businesses, family outings, wedding parties, and transportation from airports and conventions.

Sprinter Executive Shuttle

Some of the various advantages in choosing our Sprinter Executive Shuttle include our Mercedes-Benz built suspension system, interior lighting, and our soft leather seats. Here, you will comfortably seat 14 people for all your birthdays, corporate events, in-city transportation, and family gatherings.

54 Passengers Executive Shuttle Business

For a more luxurious vehicle, you can choose our 54 Passengers Executive Shuttle Bus. This vehicle option features premium leather seats and hardwood floors. People looking for airport pick-ups or drop-offs, city commutes, and long-distance commutes usually look into this option. Also, it is an excellent choice for all school functions and wedding parties.

ABBA Limos Is Here For You

If you live near Houston, TX, visit ABBA Limos for all your limousine services. To learn more about ABBA Limos, visit us online or directly call  (713) 532-4170. For the best Houston Texas Transportation Services Near Me, trust ABBA Limos for the job!

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • You can find classic 40’s art deco architecture at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum.
  • Being the only major U.S. city without zoning ordinances, Houston has more flexibility in land use planning.
  • The Houston Heights neighborhood has a Quaker church.
  • There are over 1,000 used cowboy boots to choose at Texas Junk Company. 
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