For the best Houston Texas limo bus rental services, visit ABBA Limos. At our company, you will find the most luxurious and safe transportation.

Houston Texas Limo Bus Rental

Our Houston Texas limo bus rental services offer everything from Charter Coach Buses, Shuttle Buses, Limousines, and more. You will find some of the most beautiful and comfortable vehicles at ABBA Limos. Here, we are passionate about helping you find the best transportation possible.

Texas Coach Rental

As stated, we offer a range of charter coach buses, limousines, party buses, and more. With Texas Coach Rental, you will obtain services from some of the best vehicles on the road anywhere. Regardless of the special occasion or event taking place, rest assured that you cannot go wrong with one of our transportation options.

Houston Texas Limo Bus Rental
Houston Texas Limo Bus Rental

Whether you are looking forward to a night out or celebrating your bachelor bachelorette party, Texas Coach Rental will make your night one to remember. Our mission at ABBA Limos is to provide prompt and safe transportation around Houston Texas. We are dedicated to arriving at your desired location at a timely manner, and most importantly, return you home safe and sound.

Even if you are not from Houston, we will update you on the hottest clubs and the best ballgames taking place. In doing so, you can have the time of your life enjoying with friends. More so, you can achieve the most fun without worrying about driving back home. With ABBA Limos, you and all your guests are in good hands.

Destinations We Travel To and From

Besides Houston, other destinations that we travel to and from include Dallas/ Fort Worth, El Paso, and Austin/ San Antonio. However, we only do traveling during Thanksgiving Break only.

In order to assist Texas Tech students traveling during breaks, our Break Shuttle and Parent & Family Relations have announced bus trips available. For a seat in our buses, we work based on availability and a first-come, first-serve basis. As for the prices, that all depends on the destination you are traveling to.

You can also count on our drivers to be experienced driving through Houston, Galveston, and other nearby areas. Therefore, no matter where you are traveling to, ABBA Limos has you covered.

Vehicle Options We Provide

If you are wondering about transportation, we offer a wide variety of vehicles. Most of our vehicle options offer soft leather seating, opera lighting, DVD screens, and more. With unique features and advanced technology, you will comfortably and safely travel to any location.

Charter Buses in Houston

At ABBA Limos, we take pride in the work we do, especially the end result. Our clients have nothing but good remarks about our luxurious vehicles, great staff, and smooth driving.

Since 1999, our company has provided personalized charter buses that meet all your needs. Throughout those years, we have gained the knowledge necessary to achieve successful traveling experiences. With such learning, we now offer a wide variety of fleets suitable for any occasion.

Sprinter Executive Shuttle

When in search of a discrete vehicle with tasteful interiors, look into our Sprinter Executive Shuttle. In this vehicle, you can comfortably seat up to 11 passengers. They will enjoy from our soft leather-trimmed seats and long windows with full shades. Also, the soft interior LED lighting makes it a great space to indulge in some reading.

Houston Texas Limo Bus Rental
Browse through our website to learn more about the buses available.

To achieve a more pleasant ride, our staff has also provided hard candies, mints, and water bottles. If you do not have a book with you, you can count on our Sprinter Executive Shuttle to offer magazines and other reading materials. Most importantly, we keep the weather or Houston in mind. By providing umbrellas, we can protect you from any rain or simply sun rays.

24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

For any larger groups looking for a transportation service, consider reserving our 24 Passenger Shuttle Bus. As the name says, this vehicle is suitable for a party of 24 individuals. On our bus, you will find comfortable leather seats, extra wide windows, and overhead space for all your belongings.

One of the main reasons people love our 24 Passenger bus is for its extra wide windows. With such an upgrade, you will enjoy looking outside and taking in all the beautiful sights Houston has to offer. Also, the overhead storage space will keep all your belongings safe for the duration of your trip.

Make sure to reserve this vehicle option for all your wedding parties, business conventions, and airport rides. This is also an excellent choice for all your family gatherings and reunions. Here, everyone will be able to converse and spend some time together as a family.

54 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Any trips that will require accommodation for larger groups should research our 54 Passenger Shuttle Bus. By visiting our website, you will find that this option is suitable for either in-city or long-distance commutes, school functions, and wedding parties.

People who travel in our 54 Passenger Shuttle Bus have expressed that they felt like a guest at a luxury resort. That’s right, with our premium leather seats and hardwood floors anyone would feel like so.

Houston Texas Limo Bus Rental
At ABBA Limos, you find exactly what you are looking for.

Another great benefit of traveling in this bus rental Houston is the extra legroom it offers and the large side windows. The added legroom will allow you to stretch out and relax without the worry of damaging your belongings. Also, the large side windows help you enjoy plenty of natural sunlight. When traveling in this shuttle bus, you will travel in both elegance, comfort, and safety.

54 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus

Lastly, our largest offering at ABBA Limos is our 54 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus. Not only will you accommodate the most people possible, but you will also do it without a shortage of space. Better yet, you will enjoy from several special amenities and features.

For instance, our Executive 54 Shuttle Bus features overhead flat-screen TVs, interior accent lighting, and built-in headrests. This is a great vehicle for any overnight travel, corporate events, and school functions. With our unique features, every passenger will stay occupied and entertained during the trip.

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Houston Texas Fun Facts

  • The world’s largest livestock show occurs in Houston.
  • In the United States, Houston is the 4th most populous city.
  • Over 90 languages are spoken in the city of Houston.
  • The Beer Can House is covered with 39,000 beer cans, which were consumed by John Milkovisch over an 18-year period.
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