If you need a Houston Texas corporate limousine rental company, Abba Limos has the best options throughout the entire city of Houston. With spacious seating, refreshing beverages, and highly esteemed chauffeurs, you’re free to relax and enjoy the ideal limo experience.


Riding with us comes with all sorts of great benefits. A fan favorite is our refreshments; our newlyweds are typically the ones to receive a fine bottle of wine, but you can always request something special if this isn’t the case for you.

These vehicles are also well renowned for being spacious. We think this is extremely important for corporate purposes. There’s nothing worst than being in a small space with no room to move. If you, your team, or your client is planning to use a limo, we’re sure you want an option that’s comfortable for everyone so you can take care of business.

Houston Texas Corporate Limousine Rental
You and your client can indulge in luxury with a Houston Texas corporate limousine rental from Abba.

You can also come to us when you need an airport limo or airport transportation. First impressions are very important; no matter what you do, you want to make sure you’re representing your company as professionally as possible. Abba will make sure this happens with our Houston Texas corporate limousine rental.

Our Chauffeurs

The physical aspects of our vehicles are attractive, but the quality of our services is what really makes us unique. Our state-of-the-art chauffeurs provide the best treatment during your time with us.

We hold our chauffeurs to the highest standard – after all, we can’t just hire anyone. Everyone on our team goes through the LCT Professional Chauffeur Training Program. Our drivers are well-versed in defensive driving, safety measures, and proper etiquette. We’re also proud to say that our chauffeurs are multi-lingual; primarily in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

We know you need a group of people that are internationally aware and can connect to others of different backgrounds. This is a standard in the business world; your future clients will be both impressed and appreciative of these practices.

Whether you’re personally interested in our limo services or you’re sending one for someone else, we’re sure you’ll be pleased. Choose Abba Limos for the best Houston Texas corporate limousine rental in the Houston area.

Special Occasions

There are plenty of other reasons to rent a limo. People absolutely love to go all out for their wedding events and prom nights.

Weddings are very important in any person’s lifetime. It’s hard to find someone that’s worthy of being both your friend and long-term partner. When you finally find them, show them how much you care for them. Don’t be afraid to spoil them by going above and beyond for any wedding or anniversary trip you have.

After working in this business for years, we can confidently say that limos are more or less a norm for prom. This works for both you and your future high school graduate; they get to have fun in a limo, and you don’t have to worry about driving them around town. Go ahead and give them one more thing to be excited about as they commemorate one of their last high school moments.

Houston Texas Corporate Limousine Rental
Why stress about transportation services when you have chauffeurs to do the work for you?


Abba Limos wouldn’t be complete without our bus services. You can also request a shuttle bus, motor coach, or party bus rental.

These vehicles can hold anywhere between 14-54 individuals, depending on the model you choose.

All of these vehicles are optimized to give you and your group as much space as possible. Again, we know that a comfortable ride needs comfortable seating. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our wide-trimmed cloth seats and overhead storage.

If you have a larger coach/bus, you’ll have access to the luggage compartment near the underside of the bus. This has plenty of space to store your personal belongings and other personal equipment. This is ideal if you’re a large organization: we oftentimes find ourselves servicing school bands, sports teams, and fine arts groups that have lots to load up for competitions. Know that you’ll never have to struggle to take everything with you.

Another great thing about our larger models is that they’re perfect for younger children. Normally, teachers and chaperones have to put up with rowdy, noisy kids that bombard them with questions about their arrival. Lucky for you, riding with us means you get access to HD flat-screen TVs and premium speakers.

Once everyone is loaded, you can select any movie you’d like. This is sure to keep groups of any age busy while we get you where you need to go.


Why choose us to provide you with the best car services in Houston? Simply put, we provide more than typical limousine services; we provide the best transportation services. Abba will always have you covered with fancier vehicles for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, casino trips, etc. Anytime you need general ground transportation, we have solutions for you.

Houston Texas Corporate Limousine Rental
A wedding limo is another way to make your big day extra special.

When it comes time to use our services, we strongly recommend referring to our staff. They know the ins and outs of every service and vehicle. We understand that, at first glance, all of this information can be overwhelming. If you have a set of needs and aren’t one hundred percent sure which direction to go in, the first step you should take is contacting our team members.

Your only responsibility is to let us know what you need. There are lots of things to think about before deciding on a service. How much room do you need? At what times will you need us? If you have other special requests or requirements, you may need to let us know well ahead of time. We want to make sure we do everything in our power to accommodate you and the people you’re traveling with.

No matter what, you’ll find any transportation solution you need with your team at Abba Limos. Call (713) 532-4170 so we can start with your Houston Texas corporate limousine rental today.

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