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Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van rental
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See why Houstonians have trusted ABBA Limousines Service for all their luxury ride needs since 1999! We are committed to providing our customers with the rides of their dreams. Our fleet has a vehicle for every type of need, and our expertly-trained drivers will make you and your guests feel like royalty.

So don’t wait. Call ABBA Limousine Service today to reserve one of our luxurious Mercedes-Benz passenger vans. Soon, you and your crew will be on your way to make a jaw-dropping entrance at your next event!

History of a Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Van Rental

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van has a history spanning over 120 years. In 1896, the Benz company introduced their first motorized van, specialized for delivery. The company would continue innovating and improving upon this design into the 20th century.

Then in 1995, almost a century after the invention of that first motorized van, the first generation Sprinter Van was introduced to the European market. That year, it won an award for “Internation Van of the Year”. The third generation Sprinter Van entered the United States market in 2010, where it has been a hit with both companies and passengers ever since.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a versatile and capable vehicle that is well-suited for a variety of activities. It is available in a variety of body styles, including cargo van, passenger van, crew van, and chassis cab. Companies love it because of its low cost of purchase, low cost of maintenance, and legendary durability. Passengers love it because of its smooth driving, roomy interior, and cutting-edge safety features.

So, if you’re looking for a stylish yet comfortable vehicle to roll up to your next event in, be sure to choose our Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van rental.

Why Should I Rent a Passenger Van?

Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van rental
Our passenger vans are great for parties!

There are several reasons why renting one of our luxury passenger vans might appeal to you. Perhaps you are planning a wedding party but want a vehicle with a higher driving clearance than a limo can provide. Maybe you want to provide your corporate guests with a high-end vehicle with plenty of luggage space as you drive them around the city. Or perhaps you want a big vehicle so you can show up to prom night with all your friends in tow.

In any case, passenger vans carry several distinct advantages over limos. If you plan to be driving over rocky terrain or unpaved roads, then the higher ground clearance of a passenger van will provide a smoother ride than the low clearance a limo has. Additionally, because Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans are so tall, they can allow adults standing room. This makes them an excellent option for groups that need to accommodate elderly or disabled passengers.

Finally, passenger vans have enough room to comfortably seat a larger group of people while also having enough space for all their cargo as well. This makes them great for road trips or for shuttling to and from the airport.

No matter what reasons you need a Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van rental, ABBA Limousine Service has the passenger vans for you. Our Sprinter Vans have refined interiors that will make your passengers feel right at home. With luxurious leather seating for up to 13 people, you and your guests will feel comfortable no matter how long the trip is.

Advantages of Choosing a Passenger Van

A passenger van is a wonderful vehicle for a group outing. If you choose a passenger van, you get access to these unique benefits:

  • Fit your entire group: Our passenger vans can fit small groups. They make a perfect choice for corporate retreats, family gatherings, or business trips. You will also be quite pleased with the amount of cargo our vans can fit.
  • Save money: Instead of getting multiple smaller SUVs or cars, why not choose one big vehicle to fit everybody in at the same time? You and your group will save money this way. And, afterward, it will be easy to split the travel costs, such as gas, tolls, and the rental fee.
  • Comfort: The roomy seating in our passenger vans will provide your passengers with top-tier comfort, even if they are all in one vehicle. And with everyone and everything traveling in one van, you will have to worry less about getting separated from your friends and belongings.
  • Funner trips! Another upside of having everyone traveling together is that you will be able to spend more quality time with the people you care about. Your traveling group can take advantage of the trip to enjoy pleasant conversations, listen to music together, or play games.

Reserve a Luxury Ride with ABBA Limousine Services Today!

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your special event, then renting one of our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans is a great way to do it. Our vehicles are comfortable, stylish, and sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van rental
Our fleet can provide a wonderful Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van rental for you!

All of the vehicles in our fleet come with several amenities. All of them come with wifi options, so your business trips can stay productive even if you aren’t in the office. They also come with mints or hard candies, as well as water bottles. You and your passengers can stay refreshed no matter how long the trip is.

Additionally, umbrellas are available for the vehicles. Your passengers and their fancy outfits can stay dry no matter what the weather is outside. Finally, magazines are available for reading, so your guests don’t get bored during transit.

Our experienced and professional drivers will make sure that you arrive at your destination safely and on time. They are always dressed in formal attire befitting of a chauffeur. And, if you need someone who speaks Arabic or Spanish, then we have drivers who are bilingual in those and other languages.

So call today! ABBA Limousine Services is excited to serve all your Conroe, TX Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger van rental needs!

Fun Facts About Conroe, TX:

  • Conroe’s first city hall opened in 1920.
  • The city was named after Houston lumberjack Issac Conroe.
  • Conroe is located north of Houston.
  • For more Conroe fun facts, visit their website!