Looking for a College Station TX charter bus rental for a trip? Then you’ll want to check out the many different options that Abba Limousine Service offers! Planing a trip can be stressful and hard, especially when it comes to the transportation of a lot of people. However, with ABBA at your back, you can count on us to lend you a hand… or at least some wheels!

By picking ABBA as your vehicle provider, you are picking the best in luxury transportation. We strive to always provide our customers with the best service to get them where they need to go! Give us a call and find out more about scheduling and the different vehicles we have available. You’ll find everything you need for a short or long-haul trip when you work with us!

Why Us For Your College Station TX Charter Bus Rental?

College Station TX charter bus rental
Call about our College Station TX charter bus rental options!

We are located in the Houston area, but our reach is wide. Our goal back when we started this business in 1999 was to provide our clients with quality transportation for any event! We have kept true to this sentiment since the beginning because no matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

With that in mind, we have expanded our fleet of vehicles from when we first started. This way, we have the appropriate mode of transportation to fit your needs. Be it a bach party, private event, corporate retreat, or a simple airport pick-up; we have the vehicle for you.

Furthermore, a great benefit of having an expanding fleet of vehicles means we can service a lot of clients at once. Aside from the many vehicles we have, we also have highly skilled drivers at the wheel. We take it upon our self for the benefit and safety of our clients to only hire experienced drivers. Especially when it comes to the larger vehicles in our fleet.

We want you to relax when you ride with us, so know that we take the skill of our drivers very seriously. All of our drivers will be punctual, showing up and conducting themselves in a polite and respectful manner. You can count on them to get you to your destination on time with no worry.

A Little Safety Note…

To ensure our passenger’s safety, all of our vehicles are well-equipped with the latest safety features. We even have monitoring systems installed in each of our vehicles to ensure and promote safe driving among our staff. We do all of this to make sure you get from point A to point B in a secure and safe manner.

How It All Works!

College Station TX charter bus rental
Need a lift?

There are a few different things you should consider when you’re in need of a ride. Once you’ve hashed out the details of your trip, decided the dates and such, give us a call. Once you do, we can work to find you the best possible College Station TX charter bus rental for your trip.

When making the reservation, we pride ourselves on making the process as easy as possible. We think reserving a vehicle should be as simple as opening a car door. Still, keep in mind that when you call to reserve a vehicle, you want to have all your times and dates planned to a T. This way, we can ensure you get your vehicle right when you need it and not a moment later.

Apart from getting specific times and dates, we will ask for a viable contact number and, subsequently, contact information. This way, we can contact you if something were to happen or if any clarification is needed. We will also use this information as a way of confirmation for your reservation.

You can call us or fill this out to request a standard reservation.

What Amenities Do We Offer?

While it does depend on the vehicle you’ve chosen for your trip, we offer lots of different amenities. First and foremost, however, you can take comfort in knowing that all our vehicles will be clean! We know, especially in today’s climate, just how important it is to have a clean vehicle pick you up. You can count on us to ensure that any and all of our vehicles will meet a high standard of cleanliness.

As for our charter buses, you can enjoy a well-air-conditioned space. Along with being clean, we keep our buses well-maintained. So don’t worry about any wheel or engine problems happening. That being said, keep in mind that things can still occur, but have no fear as our drivers can handle any situation!

Our buses are built for the comfort of our clients. You will have no problem fitting everyone’s luggage or your party in our nice-sized seating! Many of our bus options have luxury features like hardwood floors, accent lighting, and leather seats for comfort. You’ll even find that a few of our vehicles have flat-screen TVs as well!

But Wait! There’s More!

When you ride with us, enjoy the complimentary mints, bottled water, and magazines to pass the time. In fact, we even have umbrellas available in some vehicles just in case it starts to rain. We want you to show up to your event at your best. So trust in us to be prepared for what the day and bring for you!

For a more detailed account of the amenities each of our different vehicle options contact us today to see what we can offer you.

ABBA Limos Is The Best Around

College Station TX charter bus rental
We are here for you!

You won’t find a more skilled and dedicated team around when it comes to your transportation. We are the perfect choice for all your traveling needs. Our team will always go above and beyond to ensure you have a smooth trip every time.

We are an award-winning company and have proven ourselves time and time again. We are capable of going far beyond the set expectations of our clients. As such, many of our clients return to us when they’re in need of solid transportation. We are proud of this loyalty we have earned and strive to continue it.

We want to make your travel experience a great one! When you pick ABBA, you pick the best in transportation services. So sit back, relax, and let ABBA provide you with the College Station TX charter bus rental you need!

College Station Fun Facts:

  • Home to the popular George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.
  • College Station was first founded in 1860.
  • Most famous for being home to Texas A&M University!
  • For more info, check out the official website.