ABBA Limousine Service has a charter bus Bryan, TX with your name on it! We offer plenty of charter bus rentals, as well as minibus rentals, airport shuttles, and limousine rentals for large groups. Our stellar vehicles are perfect for a variety of purposes, including special events, day trips, field trips, road trips, sporting events, and more.

When it comes to limo and charter bus companies, few can beat the award-winning services ABBA Limousine Service provides. Founded in 1999, we have since then become proud members of the National Limousine Association and the Limousine Association of Houston, as well as certified by the American Bus Association. In addition, we have won the Houston award in the Limos & Shuttles category twice, in 2011 and in 2012.

Our more than 15 years’ worth of experience guarantees you’ll be renting a smooth, comfortable, and even luxurious ride from us. No matter the number of passengers you have, you can get a charter bus Bryan, TX you need. We serve local communities in Bryan, Texas and beyond, so be sure to call us today to reserve your very own charter bus! Feel free to drop by our location in Houston as well.

Our Charter Bus Bryan, TX Service Is Beyond Compare!

If you have made any type of travel plan with a large group, chances are you know already what a logistical nightmare it can be. Few vehicles can accommodate a large group of people comfortably, and those that do tend to be drab city buses. For a definite upgrade in both comfort and style, consider our charter bus rentals today.

Our charter bus service can provide you with tasteful, roomy interiors and comfort that you won’t want to miss. We have a variety of buses based on passenger number, from 24-passenger buses to a whopping 54-passenger executive shuttle bus. Plus, our charter buses come with a variety of amenities and technological perks to keep your guests entertained during the ride.

Charter buses are great for field trips of any kind, especially to school or corporate events. Moreover, they are also excellent for airport and hotel transportation. For smaller groups, we also have limousine and minibus options as well.

All of our vehicles regardless come with complimentary mints and hard candy, as well as bottled water, umbrellas, and magazines. Our chauffeurs are professionally trained, with years of experience navigating crowded streets and cities. Moreover, our vehicles are all insured, so if anything happens out on the road, our chauffeurs can contact us and we can take care of it.

We have plenty of options, so feel free to explore our fleet. Our generous pricing depends on the hourly rate as well as the number of passengers. Our shuttle services are nonpareil, so be sure to call us today to reserve one of our charter bus rentals!

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Ride in style with our luxury limo service!

Check Out Our Charter Bus Options

For a truly low-key but still luxurious ride, you can check out our incredible Sprinter Executive Shuttle. With seating of up to 14 people, the Sprinter Executive Shuttle comes with trimmed leather seats, long windows with shades, and soft interior LED lighting.

In addition, we also offer 24, 28, 40, and 54-passenger charter buses, all of them perfect for large or smaller groups, as the case may be. These can take you anywhere you need to go, from airports to hotels and conventions to special events such as sporting events, weddings, birthday parties, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Our 24-passenger executive buses, for example, come with integrated lighting, providing late-night transportation for long trips. With a hardwood floor, leather seats, and large tinted windows, you can get the feeling of being at a luxury resort. This bus also comes with additional storage space for luggage, purses, briefcases, and more. We also offer a 28-passenger variant with dual entry doors and soft interior LED lighting.

If you truly need ample space to accommodate your group, then our 40-passenger model is a must. With premium leather seats and hardwood floors, the 40-passenger model will give you the most luxurious amenities yet. Our 40-passenger buses are perfect for business and large groups of people in general.

But if your group is truly large, then we offer our luxurious 54-passenger bus, our largest offering. This beast comes with not only leather seats, large windows, and interior accent lighting but also overhead flatscreen TVs to entertain your party, especially little ones. This bus is perfect for school functions, transporting children and adults with comfort and style. Plus, our executive shuttle bus is by far the safest transportation method for school-aged children, far surpassing traditional school buses.

We also offer other luxury transportation vehicles you may be interested in. If your party is small, why not opt for a limousine, particularly some of our Mercedes Sprinter models? Our limousines are fit for special events such as birthdays, prom nights, weddings, and the like, ensuring that you can make your entrance and exit in the height of style.

ABBA Limousine Service is committed to giving you only the best and most luxurious options when it comes to your transportation. For more information about our services, call us today!

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You can experience the most amazing ride of your life when you contact ABBA Limousine Service today. Ours is an award-winning service that offers plenty of well-maintained luxury vehicles for you to rent. Our charter bus service especially is better than the majority of other buses. For a safe and easy trip, contacting our stellar team is requisite.

So what are you waiting for? Call ABBA Limousine Service today to get started! For an incredible charter bus Bryan, TX rental, you won’t go wrong with choosing our top-of-the-line company.

Fun Facts About Bryan, TX:

  • Bryan was founded nearly 140 years ago in the mid and late 19th century.
  • The area was first called Millican.
  • Bryan was incorporated in 1871.