List Of the Best Bars Where You Can Enjoy Most in Texas.

When it comes to having a great night out fun with your friends two things are important.

The place you go to.

And how you get there.

Lets talk about places first.

If you want a night that rivals what happened in the movie “The Hangover”, picking the right place can make all the difference.

So going to your regular hangout is a no go.

Instead you have to find someplace really cool.

A place totally different than you’re used to.

Maybe a place like the “Chillout”.

Chillout Bar

The Chillout is the Middle East’s first ice lounge.

Pretty much everything in that restaurant is sculpted out of ice.

You will sit on either on an ice bench or an ice chair.

Eat at an ice table.

Eat off of an ice plate.

And drink from an ice glass served from a bar made of ice.

The $17 cover charge gets you one drink and the rental of a hooded parka, woolen gloves and insulated shoes.

If the thought of this place is too chilling even on a scorching hot Houston summer day, maybe you’d like Red Sea Star Bar better.


Submerged under 20 feet of water, The Red Sea Star Bar is the world’s very first underwater bar and restaurant.

Every table has two windows.

One on the side and one above.

The views are amazing with your attention getting torn between the sea creatures and colorful coral garden outside…

… and the marine inspired furnishings like the jellyfish stools and anemone lighting fixtures.

And if that’s not strange enough for you and your gang, then how about heading over to the “Skeleton Bar”?


Designed by Hans Rudi Giger who worked as a designer on the Alien movies, the Skeleton Bar in Swtizerland has got to be one of the wierdest designs ever for a bar.

Ok I admit it.

We don’t have anything quite like those bars here in Houston.

How awesome would it be if we did?

Now the thing about Houston is it’s a huge city.

And with a population close to 2.2 million people, you better believe we have some cool places to party.

And when you find a place like that, you want to get there in style.

That’s why our Party Bus in Houston Texas will help make your night a “Hangover” worthy event.

Your party can get started when you leave your house not when you get there.

You’ll have room for up to 30 friends.

Hummer int

A killer sound system and light show.

(shhh…we even have a dance pole).

Ice cold drinks.

A driver who will take care of everything so that all you and your friends need to do is have fun.

So next time you want to celebrate something.

Forget the house party.

Forget the average boring wateringholes.

Hop on the our party bus and let us take you to the funkiest places you can find in Houston.

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