The key to how a limo may Boost your employees productivity

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Can a limousine service help increase the productivity of your employees?

Check it out.

A study funded by Make Their Day, an employee motivation firm, surveyed 1,200 U.S. employees from a broad cross-section of industries.

What they found was…

– 83% of people said recognition for what they did at work was more fulfilling than any rewards or gifts;

– 76% found peer praise very or extremely motivating;

– 88% found praise from managers very or extremely motivating;

– 90% said a “fun work environment” was very or extremely motivating.

The researchers concluded…

“Workers of all ages, especially the rising Millennial population, are motivated by real-time feedback, fun, engaging work environments, and status-based recognition over tangible rewards.”

In other words, people are more motivated by recognition than by money.

And a motivated employee is a much more productive.

They’re a lot happier with significantly less sick time.

And ultimately they earn your company more money.

How you make your employees feel has a direct impact on your bottom line.

And no one knows this better than San Joaquin Gardens, a continuing care retirement community in Fresno, Calif.

Once they started giving out candy bars and $100 bills, employee turnover dropped 6%.

They were surprised at how little it took to increase the morale of their employees.

The company names an Employee of the Month from among staff who have been nominated by residents or residents’ family members. Every nominee earns a candy bar. The one who becomes Employee of the Month is given a prime parking spot for a month and an extra $100. Once a year, the monthly winners vie for the Star of the Year award, which reaps the victor $500 and a limousine ride to a black-tie banquet.

Now that’s a pretty good start.

Here are some other ideas that companies are using…

A “celebrity for the day” contest where the winning employee gets the full celeb treatment, complete with limousine service, paparazzi, and glamour photos.

Linoln town car

A Limo Lottery, where the winning employee gets dropped off to work and picked up again by a limo for a week.

These are all great ideas but the point to remember is this.

A limousine is all about grace, beauty and style.

In a world of jeans and yoga pants, grace, style and beauty are a rare occurrence.

And things that are rare tend to be very valuable.

So it is with limousines.

But they are best used to compliment the main prize rather than being the prize itself.

Kind of like the icing on the cake instead of the cake itself.

The main prize should be something of high perceived value.

Like tickets to a sold out rock concert.

Traveling there by limousine just takes the whole experience to an entirely new level.


Because half the fun of the concert will be the journey to the event.

They don’t have to drive their car and fight traffic to get to there.

Or pay for parking.

Or walk 6 blocks away to save on parking fees.


Instead they can enjoy a completely stress free ride with cold champagne on ice to the concert.

And a comfortable trip back home without having to deal with the mass exodus of cars and people after it’s over.

In fact, the longer they are stuck in traffic, the more time they get to spend enjoying themselves in the back of the limousine.

You just cannot lose when you make a limousine ride part of whatever main prize your offer.

Even if it’s a trip to Hawaii or Disneyland.

Nobody wants to ask their friends for a ride to the airport.

So a limo ride both to the airport and then back home again ALWAYS makes an impression!

Try it with your employees see for yourself how much they love it.

And if you’re in Texas be sure to call ABBA Limousine Service in Houston cause we know how make your employees feel like royalty.

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