Wedding Celebration Limousine Services in Houston.

Weddings are one of the happiest times in a couples life. And couples take great pride arranging transportation for their family and friends. Here is more…

It’s a celebration of two people coming together as one.

It’s also one of the few events in our lives where we get all our friends an family get together in one place.

Sometimes it just a handful of people.

Other times it can be in the hundreds.

Here in the West the size of your wedding is not that important.

But in East it can be a totally different story.

Asian countries have a lot of cultural pressures we don’t have here.

Take Korea for example.

Korea has a cultural obsession with image – and a pressure to impress.

Psychology professors say Koreans feel compelled to achieve an image of perfection.

What has become known as “face inflation”.

Where people create a perfect image of themselves and then must live up to it.

As a result, in order to save face, couples make sure they have a completely full church at their weddings.

That’s why there’s a booming industry in Korea where Koreans can rent guests for their weddings.

And about 70% of the clients are brides who feel self conscious about having fewer guests then the groom.

That’s because in Korea the number of guests you have is taken as a sign of a family’s power.

Often, brides never tell the groom they have hired guests (and vice-versa).

So naturally the number of people who attend the wedding is quite large.

Here in the West large weddings are also quite common.

And the biggest problem with having this many people show up at your wedding is transportation from one location to the next.

From the hotel where guests are staying to the church.

From the church to the reception.

Moving a large number of people can be a quite a problem

That’s where a company like Abba Limousine Service can save the day.

With our beautiful Coach Buses, we can transport your group, no matter what size, to their destination.

inter coach bus

We make the entire process completely seamless.

And guarantee your guests will arrive all at once, on time and in comfort.

No stragglers.

No guests getting lost navigating the city.

Just happy people who are there to celebrate your special day.

To hire beautiful Coach Buses in Houston Texas for your wedding, give Abba Limousine a call at (713) 532-4170

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