How A Limousine Service Can Get Your Company All Over Facebook

It’s one of the biggest complaints small business owners have.

Not enough customers.

Declining customers.

Stagnant growth.

Then when you throw in an economy that’s struggling worldwide…

…things can look pretty grim.


There are companies out there that thrive.

In any economy.

And I’m not talking about huge corporations like Apple.

(Though isn’t it interesting how people have money to spend on all the latest gadgets they put out?)

No, I’m talking about small businesses.

Run by business owners who have figured out it out.

Figured out how to make money while their competition struggles.

Take for example this little company that cleans area rugs on the west coast.

They are the number one area rug cleaner in their city.

And recognized as THE authority.

And they did it in less than two years.


By understanding their customers.

Understanding how it’s 10 times cheaper to market and sell to an existing customer than it is to find a new one.

Now I can’t tell you everything they done to get to #1.

But what I can tell you is they are creative in the way they treat their customers.

For example, they run these incredible contests every month.

One where they pay for the winner to have a wonderful night out at a high end restaurant.

Where they get picked up by a limousine service at their home and then driven back home a few hours later.

What do you think this customer ends up talking about to all her friends in Facebook the next day?


How she had an awesome romantic night out.

How she got a little bit tipsy but didn’t have to worry because their limousine service was going to get them home safely.

How she loved watching the neighbors see her dressed to the nines and getting into a beatiful limo.

Let me tell you.

Nothing makes a powerful impression on your female customers than to treat them to special night out.

The amount of free word of mouth advertising you can get from that is amazing.

Especially with facebook these days.

Now a word of warning.

If you run a contest like this inn your business – don’t be cheap.

Choose a high end restaurant.

Pay for their meal and a bottle of wine.

And the MOST important part…

..make sure they arrive in style.

Don’t make them drive themselves.

Rent them a limousine that shows them how important they are to you as a customer.

There are lots of great cars for your to choose from.

Like our Corp Mercedes.

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Or Lincoln MKT.

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But no matter which of our limousine services in Houston you choose, the impression you make will be a lasting one.

And will pay back better than any advertisement ever will.

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