Start Your Party in a Party Bus

As the saying goes, “work hard, party hard,” and the best way to do that is to start your party in a party bus. Whether you’re heading to a wedding, prom, or starting your vacation, you should spend each minute living in the moment. One of the trademarks of luxurious partying is renting a limo or charter bus. From when you leave your house to arriving at the venue, you’ll be able to enjoy your time.

Start Your Party in a Party Bus
Our interior seating comes in comfortable cloth and stylish leather.

Choosing Your Party Bus

When choosing your party bus, you should note who’s coming and where you’re going. There is a wide selection of quality shuttles and party buses available to you. Each one has different characteristics, so you must narrow down your choices and pick the one you’ll enjoy most.

First, count the number of participants. There’s no point in enjoying the fun of a party bus with only yourself and a few friends. As they say, “the more, the merrier.” The smallest buses available can hold up to 14 passengers, while the largest can carry 54 passengers. Abba Limousine Services has sprinter executive buses, 24-passenger, 40-passenger, and 54-passenger executive shuttle buses.

Second, where are you going, and what will you be doing? Different shuttle buses offer various amenities that will make your ride comfortable and more enjoyable. For example, sprinter executive shuttle buses have tasteful decor with soft interior LED lights, leather seats, and long, shaded windows. The standard amenities you can find in most shuttle buses are mint or other hard candies, bottled water, umbrellas for the turbulent Houston weather, and reading material such as magazines.

Some of the larger buses have overhead luggage spaces to make traveling easier. Others have wide seats or walkways for maximum comfort while holding many people. Not to mention, the extra legroom will make longer journeys more endurable. And, some of the more luxurious bus options also have flat-screen TVs and built-in headrests.

Start Your Party in a Party Bus
Start Your Party in a Party Bus with ABBA Limo.

Start Your Party in a Party Bus

Abba Limousine Services know exactly what you need to liven up your party before even reaching the venue. When you have a large party and don’t want to go in tens of cars, your next best choice is a shuttle bus. We dub it “the party bus.”

We have a grand fleet of shuttle buses available to you. Each one has different features that can easily fit your party’s needs to enjoy the party. Call us or visit our location today to see your shuttle options for yourself. We’ll be more than happy to get your party started as soon as you step onto one of our vehicles.

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