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If you’re looking for the perfect Spring TX limo, look no further than Abba Limos. Our quality transportation services are guaranteed to give you the most enjoyable vehicle experience for your event. Whether you’re getting married or want to impress a client, you’ll get to indulge in the luxury you’re looking for.


A wedding is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. After who knows how long, you’ve finally found someone to share and enjoy life with. This special occasion deserves to be marked by something huge. Our wedding limos are the perfect way to commemorate this remarkable moment with you and your loved one.

Spice up your wedding night with a Spring TX limo from Abba.

Our luxurious limo options come with all kinds of amenities for you to enjoy. You can indulge in various fine wines for a little extra fun on your big day. We have plenty of space for fridges and other appliances to keep everything in the best condition during your ride with us. Our seating arrangement allows you to bring a few extra friends along as well. You’ll have plenty of space for bridesmaids, groomsmen, or any of your other favorite people. You’re all sure to have the best time as you ride around the streets of our city in celebration of this moment.

These vehicles also come with tinted windows. As fun as this moment is, we’re sure you still want to keep some things private. You don’t want to be bothered by people on the street or in other vehicles. Rest assured that you’ll have the privacy you need so you can focus on enjoying every moment.

We know how important a day like this can be. Take the most unique day of your life to the next level with a Spring TX limo from Abba.


Our services don’t stop at limos; we also offer luxury buses. These are perfect for all sorts of reasons.

Looking for a fun time with friends? Abba Limos has the perfect party bus for a perfect night out.

If you’re a school sports team or organization, you’ll definitely want to look into these options with us. You likely have a lot of kids to get from one place to another. On top of that, you have to worry about space for equipment and numerous chaperones to keep an eye on everyone.

This calls for a luxury bus with space and comfort. Our biggest options come with seating for 54 individuals per bus. Plus, you won’t have to worry about being achy or sore after your trip. Our seats are fitted with wide cloth trimmed seats, perfect for anyone with anything on them. If you’d rather not hold on to anything you brought on board you could always put it in our overhead storage. Ours is set up to naturally prevent things from falling over or sliding around too much. Many people don’t take this into consideration, but this is a big help for making sure your personal belongings don’t suffer from damage.

If you’re planning on a trip, you’ll need to keep you and your group entertained. Abba’s buses come with flat-screen TVs that flip down from the ceiling. Whether you’re making a quick trip around town or you have a lengthier destination to get to, we have ways for you to pass the time.

Party Buses

Our buses can be used for more than a school trip. If you’re looking for a great time with your favorite group of people, you’ll have plenty of fun with our party buses. You all get the chance to enjoy each other while someone else takes the wheel. Forget worrying about a designated driver. With us, everybody is free of responsibility. You can have finally have fun and stay safe at the same time.


Abba Limos has vehicles for any kind of event you’re planning on. We’re more than happy to offer our services for prom nights, casino trips, anniversaries, or even to get you to and from your cruise ship. Looking to impress a client in every way possible? We’ll have you taken care of on that front, too. No matter what, you can expect to be treated like royalty for our services.

Abba Limos also provides limo services for corporate events and get togethers.

Not sure where to begin? If you’re someone that doesn’t know too much about these types of vehicles, we strongly recommend talking it out with our staff. They know everything there is to know about our limo options. Your only responsibility is to tell them what you’re looking for. Make sure they’re fully aware of how many people you want to take along. If you have other specificities in mind, run them through the details so they can pick the option that best suits you. We have a lot to choose from and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best, regardless of the event. Make your evening extra special with a Spring TX limo from Abba Limos.


One of the biggest reasons we’re able to offer such quality to our customers is because of our highly esteemed chauffeurs. They make your experience unique in every way possible.

We’re proud to say that ours have a track record of providing the best customer service. This isn’t treatment you get from anybody. Although short-lived, you get to indulge in being treated like royalty thanks to them.

You can expect our chauffeurs to take any bags or equipment you have as you board the vehicle. They’ll make sure every condition is to your liking during your ride. Whether you want to put on a movie or you need a change in air conditioning, the drivers at Abba will make sure you’re experience is ideal. Moreover, our chauffeurs are fluent in a number of languages so you don’t have to struggle to communicate with them.

Whether you’re looking for a night of fun or transportation for a week-long trip, Abba Limos has the perfect vehicle solutions. Call (713) 532-4170 to get the quality and luxury you need out of your Spring TX limo today.

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  • “Old Town Katy” is the city’s downtown area.
  • Katy’s museums honor the city’s history, heritage, and U.S. veterans.
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