How a limousine service can make your small business go viral

It’s the fantasy of every small business owner.

To have their business go viral.

Where customers and profits bust through the roof.

But the question is, “How exactly can that be done?”

The answer I discovered came from a most unexpected source.


Even more unexpected was the company I found using this answer – a local restaurant.

If you know anything about the restaurant business, it can be a brutal industry.

Restaurants open up and then shut down all the time.

There is the constant fear of not having enough customers.

Of getting bad reviews.

Of not being able to pay the bills and losing your entire life savings.

Add to that long, hard hours slaving over a hot stove and you wonder why anyone would ever open up this kind business.

Yet people do.

And the ones that thrive are the ones that know how to market themselves effectively.

Getting the biggest bang per marketing buck they spend.

Which brings me back to this restaurant I discovered and their unique viral marketing campaign.

Devastatingly effective.

And easily adapted to virtually any small business.

Here’s how it works.

The whole program is designed to do only one thing:

To build up their email list – so they can continually market to their customers at virtually no cost.

What their emails do is help the restaurant fill the seats that normally would be empty.

Like during the mid-week.

All restaurants know exactly when their slowest times are during the week.

So rather than wait for customers to decide to come to them…

…they go after the customers instead.

By sending out a quick and fun email out to their list.

The email lets them know that there is a special on that night.

Something like a two for one special or buy two meals get one free.

You get the idea.


As you guessed, the bigger their email list is, the more people who will come.

But the question is, “How the heck do they build their email list?”

That’s where their viral campaign comes in.

A campaign that you can use in your business.

It’s all based on a contest that becomes extremely viral and automatically builds their email list at the same time.

How viral it becomes depends entirely on the contest.

The “sexier” they can make the prize, the more viral it becomes.

What I mean is you don’t want to give out a lame prize.

You want something that really appeals to people – especially women.

Why women?

Because they are the ones who are naturally inclined to share great things with their friends.

Especially on Facebook.

So you want your contest to appeal to the kinds of fantasies women have.

In the case of this restaurant they had a contest where you would be treated to an elegant night out for two.

And I mean elegant.

Complete with a limousine service to pick her and her husband up from home and bring them back at the end of the night.

The meal of course would be at the restaurant that put on the contest.

But they made the contest winner the absolute center of attention for the whole night.

The idea was to make the woman feel like a princess.

Did it work?

You bet – especially the next day when the woman lit the internet on fire talking about the awesome night she had.

Especially the limo service.

She would talk about how the limousine made the neighbors come out.

How immaculate the car and driver was.

The champagne waiting for them inside.

How they rolled up to the restaurant in style…and people looking at her like she was some kind of celebrity.

Clients who use ABBA Limousine service Houston Texas

The night at the restaurant was great but it was the limousine service was the icing on the cake.

It helped make the entire prize really “sexy”.


So now you’re probably asking how does viral campaign work, right?

Well it goes like this.

There is a special software program that takes care of the entire thing.

It’s basically set it and forget it.

All you do is set up in the system what the prize is and the date of the draw.

The system then generates a special link which you give out.

Whoever gets the link then enters the contest with their name, phone number and email address.

The system takes their email address and automatically adds it to your email autoresponder service (i.e mailchimp, aweber, etc) to build your list.

Here’s how it goes viral.

The system then confirms that the person has been entered into the contest.


They can earn more entries (meaning more chances to win) by sharing a special link to their friends.

Then, whenever any of their friends enters the contest using their link, they earned another entry into the contest.

The more of her friends that enter using her link, the more chances she gets to win.

Wait – it gets even better.

Each of those friends who just entered also get their own special link to earn more entries into the contest.

The whole process gets repeated over and over.

On and on it goes until the draw date – which the system automatically picks for you.

See how simple that is?

But more importantly can you see how important it is to make a prize as sexy as possible?

The little restaurant in England is now busy every night.

Their email list makes sure the seats stay full.

And their sexy contest every month means no one ever wants to be off their email list.

Amazing idea isn’t it?

Now all you have to do is think of ways on how you can adapt it to your business.

And if you’re in Texas, remember that ABBA Limousine Service in Houston excels at making any of your contests a whole lot “sexier”.


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