How a limousine can make a powerful impression on new clients

Have you ever wanted to make a powerful (and positive) impression on a new client?

Or even an existing one?

Well, you can do what all your competitors do and rely on their cliche “service & quality” spiel.

Or you can do something out of the ordinary.

You see, as humans we are hardwired to notice things that are different in our environment.

And I can prove it to you.

Imagine, you’re in your car and driving yourself back home.

If you’re like most people you pretty much take the same path home everyday.

The same road.

The same turns.

The same landmarks.

The same boring everything.

I bet that on some days when you pull up to your home you realize you were on auto-pilot the whole way and don’t even remember how you got there.

Your mind was off somewhere thinking about something else.


What would happen if one day at one of your regular boring turns you nearly hit an elephant running wild down the street?

Would you, in a million years, ever forget that incident?

Not a chance.

In fact it is so out of the ordinary you would probably talk about that event for years.

See my point?

Anything unusual grabs our attention and is extremely hard to forget.


How can you apply this bit of brain trivia to your clients?


By doing something unusual.

That’s where a limousine service can come in real handy.

For example, let’s say you invite a potential new client to lunch.

What an ordinary business owner would do is meet their prospect at the restaurant.

But what you would do is have them picked up by a limousine and taken to the restaurant.

Now put yourself in this prospect’s shoes for a second.

What will he be thinking?

First of all it is HIGHLY unusual.

Most likely no business has ever treated him like this before.

Next, he is able to relax the entire way, get some work done while appreciating the fact somebody else is dealing with traffic.

Once he arrives at the restaurant he’ll be coming in to see you with a very POSITIVE attitude.

Making it infinitely easier for you to do a deal.

Do you see how simple this is?

This doesn’t just work on new clients.

It works wonders on existing ones too.

And if you use our limousine service in the Houston Texas area…

…remember that ABBA limousine service will treat your clients like royalty.

On time, in style and in a happy mood.

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