How two goats and Limo Could get company valuable Clients

There once was a mighty torrent of water flowing at the bottom of a deep mountain chasm.

At the top of the chasm, a tree had fallen forming a bridge uniting the two sides.

However the fallen tree was so narrow two squirrels would not have been able to pass by each other.

Now one morning two goats came to cross the tree bridge at the same time, one from each end.

The goats met at half way mark but neither would budge to let the other go by.

Instead they struggled with each other trying to push the other back until…

…both ended up falling into the roaring torrent below.

This story illustrates perfectly what happens when two evenly matched opponents meet each other.

Neither one tends wins and it usually ends up in a tie.

The same is true for you and your competitors.

You are all reaching for the same target audience.

Going after the same market-share.

But because you and your competitors tend to market more or less the same way…

…you are evenly matched so neither of you gain any ground.

Until, that is, you begin to do things differently.

Take for example how you find new clients.

You can either spend all your time, energy and money advertising and marketing to attract new clients.


You can tap into companies who already HAVE your ideal clients.

I’m talking about companies that share the same type of client but in a non competitive way.

Like how landscapers and house painters both have homeowners as their customer – but they don’t compete.

They each can refer clients to each other and both will substantially gain in the joint venture.

The opportunities for you to establish joint ventures are numerous.


If you are looking to gain a more affluent client base you need to consider the companies that already have them.

There is none better than those of limousine company.

busy businesswoman with laptop l

Those who can afford a limousine service can easily afford to spend money on your business.

Tapping into this affluent client base has the ability to change forever the profitability of your business.

And have your competitors scratching their heads wondering how you get such high end clients.

Now not all small businesses are suited for joint ventures with limousine companies.

Fast food restaurants, thrift stores and used car dealerships are some examples that come to mind.

But if your company has the potential to serve the affluent then approaching a limousine service will be worth the effort.

Just keep in mind that when you do approach them, you will need to bring something  valuable to the table.

You need to think about things from their point of view – what’s in it for them?

You need to think about how your company can do even more for them than they do for you.

Because once you have that answered, your joint venture will become completely irresistible.

And allow you to tap into the kind of clients you could only dream about.

If you’re in Texas, remember that ABBA Limousine Service in Houston serves some of the most affluent clients in the country.



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