Houston TX Black Town Car

If you’re looking for a Houston TX Black Town Car service, your search ends here. Since 1999, we’ve serviced residents in and around Houston Texas. Over that time, we’ve expanded our service areas and the type of vehicles that are part of our fleet.

Best transport services around
Best transport services around

The goal of our expansion is to is to offer a wider variety services for different circumstances. From helping nervous teenagers impress their classmates at their school prom, to picking up business professionals at the airports, we’re the go-to choice for top-quality transportation services.

We’ve developed an exceptional fleet of luxurious town cars, limousines, Ford Excursions, Ford Excursion stretches, in addition to large, fourteen passenger vans for larger groups or smaller groups that want to spread out.

Luxury Transportation

There are several events that may ask for a step up from the standard vehicle. Fortunately, ABBA Limousine Service has the vehicles you need when these formal events come by. Read on to learn more about the ways our fleet of luxury can come in handy for you and your loved ones.


Weddings are the biggest and most important event in many people’s lives. As such, you should have a vehicle that fits the occasion. With our variation of option, you’ll find just the right type of vehicle, whether that’s a Houston TX Black Town Car or a party bus, it’s up to you. One thing that you can know for certain is that we’ll have the right vehicle to make the most out of your big day.

We understand that a wedding isn’t just about the event, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle on the quality of your transportation. In fact, everyone’s moods and spirits will probably be raised when you show them how they’ll be transported to the big event. Get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about how our team can get the right option for you.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Bus

The big day that is a wedding is oftentimes preceded by a bachelor and bachelorette party, which gives the couple the opportunity for one last night out as a single. If you’re currently planning the party for a friend of yours, we’re to tell you that this type of party bus does not have to be costly, especially if you’re splitting the cost among friends.

Security Is a Priority

The last thing you want is an accident happening during the party. As such, we make it a priority to ensure the safety of anyone in the party bus. The one thing that people must keep in mind here is that it’s illegal to drive under the influence of liquor. There’s no need to risk getting into an accident when the night should be all about having a great time without worries.

Houston TX Black Town Car
Houston TX Black Town Car


Another major event in a person’s life is their birthday. Everyone deserves to have a blast on their big day, and our luxury vehicles provide just that. Who wouldn’t enjoy a party in a high-class party bus or a ride to the party’s location is a super comfy limousine with WiFi. All in all, birthdays are a huge part of a person’s life and should be treated as such.

So if you or someone you know have a birthday around the corner, don’t hesitate to give us a call. This is the time to get loose and enjoy yourself so don’t limit yourself on the fun you’ll be having. Whether it’s having the time of your life by going downtown, an epic bar-hopping session, dinner at a fancy restaurant, or simply a night out with some friends we’re sure that we’ll find the right vehicle for you.

Corporate Transport

If you’re planning something like a corporate tour for an upcoming meeting with an important client, the best way to prepare is by making all the arrangements in advance. This will help you have an overall smooth experience and help you reach your destination without hassle.

Anyone can transport you to the client’s address or the meeting venue. The difference with us is that we always do so in luxurious fashion. We’ll find the most suitable option for you so you can make the absolute best impression on your prospective clients.

Sports Events

Here at ABBA Limousine Service, we make attending sports events fun and exciting. After all, sports is all about enjoying and celebrating in glamorous fashion. We can take you to all your favorite events, whether its a soccer game, baseball tournaments, tennis competitions, basketball matches, hockey games, you name it. The biggest score of the night will be getting there and back in classy fashion.

Our stretch limo is usually used by celebrities and rich business, but anyone can use this high’class form of transportation. The stretch limos are able to fit up to 12 sportsmen and women on board. Additionally, these comfy and spacious limos have a perfectly-crafted interior that makes everyone feel like a pro.

Keeping People Moving in Style

The coolest limo experiences around.
The coolest limo experiences around.

Here at ABBA Limousine Service, we believe that transporting people is much more than just getting people to their destinations. The journey is just as important as the destination, so why not make it as fun as possible. You can count on us to make your trip as entertaining as possible.

Getting people where they need to go is only part of the job, we also want help you have as much fun as possible. You can rest easy knowing our team of experts will have you traveling in style. From birthdays, weddings, to sports events and shuttle trips, we got your covered.

Houston TX Black Town Car

Finally, if you’re looking for a Houston TX Black Town Car or other types of luxurious transportation, you know who to call. Call (281) 460-3612 today. You’ll also find more information on our team and what we do by visiting our website. Remember, we do more than just offer Houston TX Black Town Car transport, we do it all. If you’re ready to travel in style, contact us today.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • Houston is the fourth-largest city in the nation
  • One of the best culinary scenes in the country
  • Home to the Houston Rockets, Astros, Texans, and Dynamo
  • Learn more about Houston TX here

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