Are you looking for a Houston Texas cadillac party bus? Abba Limos has the best one you could find throughout the city of Houston. We’re sure our amenities will make this night one of the best you and your group has ever had.


If you’re hoping to have a fun night out with friends sans a designated driver, our party buses are the way to go. Our highly professional chauffeurs are more than happy to drive you around the city so you can focus on having fun.

You could have the perfect party night with one of our Houston Texas cadillac party bus.

These buses are huge: under normal circumstances, they can seat up to 54 individuals. When we transform them into a party bus, you’ll notice how much space this really allows you to have. On top of this, our party buses come with fun lighting, flat-screen TVs, a speaker system, and wi-fi.

Give yourself and your friends one of the best party experiences yet with our Houston Texas cadillac party bus.


Of course, we offer other types of bus services for you to use. Groups and organizations in particular love to use our shuttle buses and motor coaches.

As we stated with our party buses, our largest models come with seating for 54 people. If you’re looking for something smaller in size, you could always use one of our shuttles with a minimum of 14 person seating. Despite the size of these vehicles, know that you’re still going to have all the space you need for luggage, suitcases, and other types of equipment that has to come with you.

If you’re a teacher or chaperone traveling with a group of children or young adults, we have ways to keep them entertained. All you have to do is pull our flat-screen TVs down from the ceiling: after that, you’re free to choose any movie you’d like.


Our bus services are great, but our limousine services are absolutely phenomenal.

People love limo rentals; it’s a great way to show off. This isn’t a bad thing if you’re celebrating a special occasion. Many of our customers like to go all out for their weddings in particular.

Weddings are a pretty big deal; you’re fully planning to commit to someone for the rest of your life. This person is going to be by your side no matter what: that’s pretty rare. It’s hard to find someone that’s ready and willing to go to such lengths for you. When they cross your path, you fully deserve to throw the biggest celebration possible.

Ride in Style when you choose Abba Limo.

Wedding days are filled with lots of fun, family, and activities; why not throw a limo into the mix? Abba Limos can provide any transportation service you need during this special occasion. You’re going to be running around from one place to another, so transportation is the last thing you’ll want on your mind.

With our unique amenities, we’re sure you and your new spouse will have the best time in our luxury vehicles. One super popular facet is the refreshments we provide. For our newlyweds, we take it a step further than your typical water or soda: you get a complimentary bottle of wine from us We’re more than happy to gift something special to commemorate such an important day.

Our vehicles are also very well known for the amount space you get. We couldn’t confidently offer a cramped limo: how could you possibly celebrate with that? Whether you want one with six, eight or ten person seating, know that you’ll always have adequate wiggle room for celebration.

Other Occasions

Weddings are wildly popular, but so are prom nights. This is a pretty huge deal in the eyes of a young adult; it’s the last high school dance they’ll ever have in their life. This is the last chance they get to recognize that they’re no longer a high schooler; instead, they have to prepare to move on to the next stage in their life.

This is what makes prom extra special to most people – if you haven’t noticed, most remember their prom for years to come. A limo is a great way to make your young adult’s prom stand out in their memories. They’ll have the time of their life hanging out with their friends, blasting music, and having fun in these vehicles. We’ll happily pick them up and drop them off before and after the dance so they can get where they need to go safely.

Another great reason to choose a limo for prom is that you won’t have to be at anyone’s beck and call. For young adults, prom night does not end after prom – many of them like to go out to eat and hang out with friends. If you drive, you’ll have to wait around downtown Houston (or return to your house) just to get them. If your child takes their car they’ll have to bother with parking and whatnot. You could easily avoid all of this drama with a limo from us.

People remember prom for years to come.

Airport Transportation

Our limos are also heavily requested for airport transfers and ground transportation. We’ll get you from one end of the airport to the other, or even drop you off at your house when the time comes. Other companies may struggle to be punctual or provide the prices you need with the quality you’re searching for. Throw all of these concerns aside; Abba Limos can easily take care of these things so you simply won’t have to worry about them.

No matter the service or vehicle you need, we have the ideal solution for you. Don’t be scared to indulge in premium services so you can receive the best treatment on such a special day. Call (713) 532-4170 so you can get the best Houston Texas cadillac party bus today.

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