Stretch Ford Excursion Is Best Suited For Birthday Parties

Stretch Ford Excursion is designed to comfortably seat 15 passengers.

  • Four Flat screen color televisions, VCR, cassette stereo, DVD and CD player
  • Passenger – controlled air conditioning and heat
  • Filtered lighting with self-service bar
  • Wrap-around seating
  • Strobe lighting
  • Starlit ceiling

Our Stretch Ford Excursion is the ideal combination of luxury and advanced features for parties of up to fifteen people. With an included self-service bar and rear climate controls, you and your guests can relax in luxury as your chauffeured Stretch Ford Excursion takes you on an adventure anywhere you would like to go.

Whether you’re looking for a ride to a wedding party, or for a relaxing time with a champagne flute in the backseat while watching TV, the Stretch Ford Excursion is capable of enhancing any night out. With a fully stocked bar, the only thing that this Ford Excursion is missing is you. So grab a glass of champagne, relax on the deep leather seats, and take a look at the strobe ceiling as we take you on the adventure of a lifetime.


  • Four dedicated flat-screen TV’s
  • Included VCR, DVD, CD, and stereo players
  • Self-service bar
  • Wrap-around seating
  • Strobe ceiling

Ideally Suited For:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Proms
  • Retirement Parties

Stretch Ford Excursion and Weddings

Is there any better way to be transported after a wedding than in a limo? Limos, such as the Stretch Ford Excursion are the ideal way to transport yourself and guests (if you want) in the epitome of luxury with an array of premium features. With the soft and supple leather seats you can lean back into the seats while you toast the bride and groom on their nuptials. Or you can watch the wedding video on the included flat screen TV’s. No matter the wedding venue or the style, a great wedding limo is the Stretch Ford Excursion.

Stretch Ford Excursions and Retirement Parties

Retirements don’t have to be a time of quiet introspection. Why not give yourself or a coworker the proper sendoff by using a limo? With a self-service bar, you and your coworkers can toast the retiree and give them the sendoff that will last long in everyone’s minds? With the included flat screen TV’s, you can watch recorded events from the employees tenure and laugh together as you all remember the best events from their time working with you and your colleagues. Sendoffs in a Stretch Ford Excursion are the ideal way to thank an employee for their contributions to the office over the years.

All Vehicles include the following amenities

  • Mints or hard candies and bottled water
  • Umbrellas are available
  • Magazines for reading are available

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Vehicles & Maintenance

  • Fleet of Lincoln Town Cars, Ford Excursions, Lincoln Stretch Limousines, Stretch Ford Excursion and a 14 Passenger van.
  • Insurance meets all city and state requirements for licensed limousine operators.
  • LMS program monitors scheduled maintenance on each vehicle.

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