Cypress TX limo party bus rental
Your party will be unlike any others when you book a party bus with us.

Are you looking for a way to arrive at your big event in style and need a Cypress, TX limo party bus rental? Abba Limousine Service has been proudly serving the greater Houston area since 1999, and we’re happy to provide you with a wonderful ride for your occasion.

We have an expansive fleet with various vehicles suited for any type of party you’re attending. We pride ourselves on our outstanding, friendly service. We are excited to take you anywhere you need to go, and our 24/7 service will always be ready. We even have overnight travel options for large groups traveling large distances. If you’re interested in our Cypress, TX limo party bus rental service, contact us today!

Why Choose A Cypress, TX Limo Party Bus Rental For Your Event?

When your event is a special occurrence, like a wedding, birthday party, or your child’s prom night, a party bus is a great way to start things off! We’ll have a fully stocked bar to kick things off with (unless the riders are minors) and a dazzling, luxurious atmosphere to help you feel on top of the world!

We have a plethora of Cypress TX limo party bus rental options to choose from. Our buses can seat anywhere from 20 passengers up to 54 for our charter buses. When you need to keep tabs on large groups of people moving over considerable distances, a party bus is a great way to ensure everyone arrives at the event safely!

Our fleet of vehicles offers a practical logistics solution to your event. Coordinating travel should be the least of your worries regarding your big day. If you’re curious about our Cypress, TX limo party bus rental rates, you’ll be surprised at how affordable they can be. You’re more than welcome to view our full pricing sheet online today!

Game Day & Homecoming Made Simple

When your kids have to travel to a different city for their sports games, the regular school buses may not cut it. Additionally, your child could be traveling for a club team, so transportation services are not provided by another organization such as their school.

Cypress TX limo party bus rental
Your team will be ready to go in one of our charter buses!

If this is the case, renting one of our charter buses is an excellent way to consolidate team or fan travel. Our under-bus storage has plenty of room for their gear, overnight bags, and personal belongings. We’ll ensure the entire team arrives on time, even if we must travel overnight.

Smaller homecoming groups can form memories that last forever on our Cypress, TX limo party bus rental. Our party buses and limos are the perfect way to have the fun start before they even arrive at the dance!

They’re also a great way to ensure safe travel for the whole group. We’ll take them from dinner to the dance, and then to the house the afterparty is being hosted. Our service is available 24/7 because you should be able to call it quits when you want to, not when your ride says so.

So, if you need to make your teenager’s night special, call our Houston, TX location to secure a Cypress, TX limo party bus rental today!

Enjoy The Evening To The Fullest Extent By Guaranteeing A Designated Driver

It’s no secret that driving intoxicated is never okay. You always have control over yourself and your actions, but sometimes our friends or acquaintances make less than stellar choices. Those who have been designated the driver may succumb to peer pressure or their own personal temptation and think “one drink will be okay”.

Cypress TX limo party bus rental
Get too and from the party safely with our Cypress TX limo party bus rental

Instead of relying on others’ willingness to sacrifice what they consider a good night out, eliminating the worry altogether could prove to be the right call. By using one of our Cypress, TX limo party bus rental, you’ll have the guarantee of a designated driver at the end of the night. Our chauffeurs are certified professionals who have won awards in 2012, 2013, and 2020 for their services.

You’ll be able to enjoy your night out with friends and family without a single worry. You’ll even be able to get the party started on the road! Part of the appeal of a limousine or party bus is the ability to sit back and enjoy a glass of champagne as you watch the city lights pass by.

We’re Ready To Serve Your Business.

A wonderful way to impress your clients is to pick them up from the airport. Having a chauffeur ready the moment they come down to baggage claim leaves a lasting impression of professionalism. If your executive’s main office is in another city and they’re visiting, they’ll more than likely expect a driver.

We have many luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S Class that will undoubtedly make a statement to clients and employees alike. Our rental service will allow you to start critical meetings on the right foot.

If your clients are multilingual or citizens of another country, we have bilingual drivers who know Arabic and Spanish that will be able to answer their questions and meet their requests while making them feel right at home by speaking their language.

After a tough quarter, your employees may deserve a break or a morale boost. A company retreat is a great way to build team bonds further and excite your employees. When you create a positive environment where your employees feel respected and cherished for their hard work, your company wins every time.

However, preparing for the logistics of a company retreat can be a nightmare. If your retreat is to a beach in a different state, purchasing plane tickets for every individual isn’t financially feasible. Instead, you could rent one of our charter buses and eliminate any logistical travel issues then and there.

Our buses are spacious with plenty of storage, leg room, and seats for everyone in the company. With our overnight travel, you’ll arrive at your destination in no time! So, if you’d like to reserve a Cypress, TX limo party bus rental, call ABBA Limousine Service or reserve online today!

Fun Facts About Cypress, TX:

  • Cy-Fair ISD is considered one of the top school districts in Texas.
  • Cypress ranks 50th in the top 100 highest-income urban areas in the United States
  • Olympic swimmer Cammile Adams grew up in Cypress, TX.