What is Paparazzi? Are These available At Low Price.

One afternoon in Beverly Hills a Rolls Royce made a stop on Rodeo Drive.

A woman stepped out of the car.

And was instantly swarmed by a mob of paparazzi.

Camera flashes went off.

Voices everywhere were yelling questions like…

“When’s you next movie coming out?”

“Can you sign an autograph?”

The spectacle was amazing.

Tour Buses and cars slowed down.

Pedestrians passing by started whipping out their smart phones to take videos and snapshots of their own.

Everyone who witnessed the event thought Ellen must have been a celebrity.

Only she wasn’t.

Ellen was just an ordinary woman.

Who paid to have a celebrity experience.

The experience included a Rolls Royce, a crowd of fans, VIP treatment at stores, champagne, paparazzi and souvenir photographs.

She had hired a company that specializes in pop up crowds and paparazzi.

Their specialty is the ability to “cultivate perceptions” or what we would call the illusion of success.

In business, the perception people have of your company is everything.

Good perceptions lead to higher profits.

Bad perceptions can bring about utter ruin.

So it’s important that everything you do reflects well on you.

Especially if you have any type of corporate events that require transporting people from one location to another.

If you make everyone get there on their own you could be perceived as being cheap and uncaring.

But if you hire a beautiful coach buses you’ll be perceived much more favorably.

With coach buses you can guarantee everyone will arrive all at once, on time and in comfort.

And if you want to have a pop up crowd with paparazzi waiting for them when the moment they step off of the coach bus you can do that too.

Imagine how memorable THAT would be to your group.

It would be something they would NEVER forget and re-tell to their friends about for years to come.

It’s a powerful way to take up permanent real estate in the minds of your customers!

The Most Unusual Wedding Service In The World

Weddings are one of the happiest times in a couples life. And couples take great pride arranging transportation for their family and friends. Here is more…

It’s a celebration of two people coming together as one.

It’s also one of the few events in our lives where we get all our friends an family get together in one place.

Sometimes it just a handful of people.

Other times it can be in the hundreds.

Here in the West the size of your wedding is not that important.

But in East it can be a totally different story.

Asian countries have a lot of cultural pressures we don’t have here.

Take Korea for example.

Korea has a cultural obsession with image – and a pressure to impress.

Psychology professors say Koreans feel compelled to achieve an image of perfection.

What has become known as “face inflation”.

Where people create a perfect image of themselves and then must live up to it.

As a result, in order to save face, couples make sure they have a completely full church at their weddings.

That’s why there’s a booming industry in Korea where Koreans can rent guests for their weddings.

And about 70% of the clients are brides who feel self conscious about having fewer guests then the groom.

That’s because in Korea the number of guests you have is taken as a sign of a family’s power.

Often, brides never tell the groom they have hired guests (and vice-versa).

So naturally the number of people who attend the wedding is quite large.

Here in the West large weddings are also quite common.

And the biggest problem with having this many people show up at your wedding is transportation from one location to the next.

From the hotel where guests are staying to the church.

From the church to the reception.

Moving a large number of people can be a quite a problem

That’s where a company like Abba Limousine Service can save the day.

With our beautiful Coach Buses, we can transport your group, no matter what size, to their destination.

We make the entire process completely seamless.

And guarantee your guests will arrive all at once, on time and in comfort.

No stragglers.

No guests getting lost navigating the city.

Just happy people who are there to celebrate your special day.

To hire beautiful Coach Buses in Houston Texas for your wedding, give Abba Limousine a call at (713) 532-4170

Different Types of Limousines for Luxury Outings In Texas

Designed to give passenger a private and luxurious means of transport, the first limousine was launched over 100 years ago, in 1902. Over the years, this luxury vehicle has evolved, adding on to its luxuries and comfort. Today, limousines are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, being able to accommodate anywhere from 2 to more than 50 people. Combining classic elegance with the latest technological features, limousines are the coolest way to hit the road.

Here’s a look at the various types of limousines you can choose from for your next luxury trip.

  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter – With soft interior LED lighting, leather-trimmed seats and long windows with full shades, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Executive Shuttle is perfect for commuters who require excellence from their vehicles.
  • Mercedes Sedan – From a brand that is sought after by executives, leaders and the elite all across the globe, this sedan is perfect for those looking for attention to detail in every aspect of their vehicle’s construction. The Mercedes sedan offers a quiet and super smooth ride for the best road trip ever.
  • Mercedes Sprinter Limo – The perfect celebratory vehicle for larger parties, the Mercedes Sprinter Limo can seat up to 16 passengers. Features like premium sound system, accent lighting, USB ports and 120V outlets, along with high-quality seating, make this the ultimate way for groups to travel together.
  • Stretch Ford Excursion – The Stretch Ford Excursion provides an optimal mix of luxury and advanced features for parties of up to 15 people. It has a self-service bar, four dedicated flat-screen TVs, VCR/DVD/CD/stereo players and a strobe ceiling.
  • Hummer H2 Stretch – With spacious interiors that can comfortably accommodate up to 14 people and featuring the iconic Hummer design, Hummer H2 Stretch is the perfect luxury travel option for occasions like weddings and birthday parties, prom nights and sporting events. It has wrap-around seating, integrated interior LED lighting and dark window tint.
  • Lincoln Corp MKT – Counted among the best SUVs in the market, Lincoln Corp MKT is the perfect way to travel in style for a party of up to 5 people. It features richly detailed leather and wood trim accents for a supremely refined interior design.
  • 54 Passenger Charter Bus – ABBA Limos has the largest collection of affordable charter buses in USA. These rides are ideal for multi-day charters and long-distance trips. This bus rental is a popular option for weddings, corporate transportation and even school field trips.
  • 54 Passenger Executive Coach Bus – The 54 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus is among the largest vehicles available for passenger transportation. ABBA Limos offers all types of bus charter options for you and your guests. These buses come equipped with overhead flat-screen TVs, interior accent lighting and built-in head rests for a comfortable and fun journey.
  • 30 Passenger Party Bus – Equipped with premium sound systems, disco lights, laser and strobe lighting, TV screens and DVD players, these buses are sure to create a night that you will always remember.

ABBA Limos is an award-winning limousine service, based in Houston, Texas. It has served the residents of Houston and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. With its extensive fleet of luxury vehicles and highly professional and reliable drivers, it provides the best limousine and party bus rental service for all types of occasions where you wish to arrive in style.

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