A rental for every Occasion

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When it comes to planning or putting on an event, getting the right transportation can be a hassle. The truth is you might have a large group of people and need to fit them into one vehicle. Or maybe you’re just focused on finding the perfect vehicle for the occasion, but you can’t seem to find one that you like.

This is an easy fix with Abba Limousine Service. We have made it our mission to be the transportation company that has a vehicle for every occasion. And when we say every occasion, we truly mean every occasion. 

The joy of finding the vehicle that you need or have been looking for is like none other. Understanding that your transportation will be a large part of planning an outing or event is something that should be recognized. The guests you have are going to remember what the vehicle looked like, how smooth the ride was, and the conversations they had on the way to the event. 

A Rental for every Occasion
Abba Limousine Service has a rental for every occasion.

All of these combined are what make an excellent transportation service, and you can get that at Abba Limos. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of things. What kind of occasion could you be having that you might need a vehicle for?

Abba Limos has a Vehchie For Every Occasion

You might have a current event that you are thinking about, or maybe not. But when the time comes and you need a vehicle for any occasion, you can get that with us. 

Occasions associated with School: Prom, Day-long Field Trips, College Visits, Community Service Trips, etc.

When booking a vehicle for any of these specific occasions, ask for one of these rentals; Academic Bus Rentals, Charters Athletics, Educational Tours, Student Group Travel Rentals, Team Travel Transport, College Transportation, or Greek Life Bus Rentals. 

Occasions associated with Businesses and Companies: Cooperate Events & Parties, Conventions, Conferences, Work Retreats, Private Meetings, Airport pick-up, etc.

When booking a vehicle for any of these occasions, ask for; Convention Shuttles, Corporate Bus Rentals, or Charters Emergency Transport. 

Occasions associated with Privacy: Private Events, Political Events, etc.

When booking for these occasions, ask for; Private Events Rentals, Political Bus Charter & Rentals, Public Event Rentals. 

Occasions associated with Family & Friends: Roadtrips, Family Reunions, Vacations, Date Night, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, etc.   

When booking transport for these occasions, ask for; Festivals Ski Bus Rentals, Ski Resort Transportation, Tour Operators, Wedding Shuttles, Birthday Transport.

Kinds of Vehicles Available

Now that you have an idea of the kinds of occasions you can rent a vehicle for let’s focus on the kinds of vehicles available. Now sometimes, we associate a particular vehicle with a specific event.

For example, limos with prom and weddings or bachelor/bachelorette parties with party buses. But these events are not limited to using these vehicles alone. You can take an SUV to your wedding or prom and a limo to your bachelorette party. 

Ultimately you have a preference, and it is your choice, but it is great to know that you have options. At Abba Limos, we have a large fleet of vehicles for you to choose from, and this includes Limos, Town Cars, SUVs, Charter Buses, Party Buses, Shuttle Buses, and Coach Buses.

Look through these are choose which would be best for your event!  

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