Blog : The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls With Limos

On February 2010 something simply remarkable happened.

Two women – Aga & Iza – originally from Poland, met by chance in the United States.

Barely knowing each other, these two women made a decision most people would never even consider.

They decided to drop everything, take their entire life savings and travel the world together.

2.5 years, 33 countries and 209 different beds later, they had set foot on all seven continents.

And the whole adventure was captured on their blog.

Through both the written word and the lens of a camera. It the complete Odyssey of two girls (who call themselves the Hot Toddies) that took them…

“From jungle treks to cave exploration; from eating local delicacies to biting live fat larvae; it’s the good, it’s the bad, it’s the scary and unfamiliar, it’s the embarrassing and yet incredibly rewarding side of living our nomadic lives of world domination”

Now this kind of adventure the The Hot Toddies’ experienced may not be something you may ever be able to do.


Inside you lives the Spirit of Adventure.

A Spirit that just wants to bust loose and escape all those job commitments, family responsibilities, and boring life-sucking parts of your life.

To be able to jump out and experience amazing new sights & sounds you never have before.

At least for a little while.

You may not be able to escape for 2.5 years.

Or even a week.

But you COULD escape for a night. limo-services-bachelor-party-2

A night where you and your girlfriends all get together and experience some of the craziest, wildest, hottest spots this town has to offer.

A night where one of our Party Buses brings you to any or all of these exotic spots in style.

A night where you can have an adventure that rivals anything that happened to the guys on the movie “The Hangover”. ESC INT


Getting into a Party Bus with room up to 30 girls.

With a dance pole.

Killer sound system and light show.

Ice cold drinks.

A driver who will take care of everything so that all you and your girlfriends need to do is have fun.

It’s all there waiting for you.

All you have to do is grab it.


…this Saturday night.

Are you going to sit in front of the TV again watching other people live exciting lives?

Or would you rather jump on our party Bus and have a night you’ll talk about for years?

Go on.

Kick that regular life of yours to the curb for a night and go out on an exciting Abba Limousine Party Bus adventure instead!

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